Print #4 – Added Light Supports to Ring

After feeling pretty defeated with failed prints 2 and 3, I did some research online to try and discover why my prints weren’t sticking to the build plate. The best I could determine, is the surface area of the ring face down is too little to cure and cling to the build plate. I followed some advice that I found online and used supports. I started with light supports and increased my bottom layer cures from 4 to 8 and allow more curing time against the build plate. I used Chitubox to generate my light supports.


Print #4 with Light Supports
Print #4 with Light Supports – A moderate success. Had some supports fail and the ring misshapen.

Overall, I would consider that a moderate success! It looks like a ring and wears pretty decent as well. Sizing is true, the only problem is it is a bit misshapen where my light supports failed. Check out my next post as I redesign the supports.